Crystal Wharf, Islington

Property Management

Our property management team is based in Wigmore Street London W1. We handle a wide variety of work – everything from organising the day-to-day activity of cleaners and gardeners, minor repairs through to larger long-term maintenance programmes and major refurbishment works. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thus ensuring that residents receive an effective repairs and emergency service.

The portfolio of properties under our management is wide ranging, covering Industrial, Retail, Offices and Residential buildings throughout the UK. Lewis & Tucker’s aim is to maximise the efficient running of the property for our clients both from a maintenance and financial perspective.
Our policy is that “hands-on” management ensures diligence and effectiveness. An experienced Property Manager is appointed for each property we manage. This provides our Clients and Lessees/Occupiers with continuity in dealing with the same person. We also place particular emphasis on response time to reports of maintenance problems and, when appropriate, the property manager will inspect particular problems before calling out a contractor. 

Our management strategy relies upon effective administration and good communication. We believe that the management of a property runs efficiently when everybody concerned receives clear and comprehensible demands, statements and correspondence. We find that a high level of transparency improves the management process. This communication does not stop with the Clients and we stay in close contact with all Residents and Occupiers to keep them fully advised. In this way, all parties involved are aware as to why monies are demanded and what they are to spent on.